HEP is a prospective, observational study whose primary goal is to identify clinical characteristics and bio-markers predictive of disease outcome, progression, and treatment response in participants with newly treated focal epilepsy.  The data to be collected on these participants include high-resolution clinical phenotyping (including co-morbidities) and treatment response, neuroimaging, electrophysiology, genomics and proteomics.  

A major objective of the project is to create an open data repository of clinical information and biologic samples for future studies.

New onset participants will be enrolled over a 2 year period and follow up will continue on all participants, allowing up to 5 years (and a minimum of 3 years) of tracking. The estimated sample size is 500 participants.

Treatment resistant participants will be enrolled over 4 months and will follow up will continue for 2 years. The estimated sample size is 200 participants.